On this page you will find all frequently asked question. If your question does not appear on here please dont hesitate to contact us.



We unfortunately do not have any Catering option available at this time.


Please note that all units are inspected on departure with the lead guest, to ensure no damage or excessive cleaning will be required, should any be found on departure, then the guest would be liable to settle the cost of returning the houseboat to its original state - immediately.

Gas is available for the Fireplace on Eve, Serenity and Nirvana (R300 per bottle)

Can We play music?

Unfortunately no loud music is allowed in any national park. We think its due to everyone not having the same taste in music. you are allowed to enjoy some soft background music, but please be considerate towards other guests.

Do you supply linen?

Fresh Linen and one towel per bed is supplied. We do suggest to bring extra towels and a face cloths, especially for long stays and splashing in the water.

Can we drink the water on the boat?

Yes most certainly. The water is pumped into the boats holding tanks from a fresh water tank supplied by SANParks.

Can we Braai (barbecue) on the boat and where do we get wood?

Yes there are Braai facilities on all the vessels. we do advise to bring your own folding grid as ours do face all the elements on the water constantly, 

Wood, charcoal or blitz can be purchased from our friendly skippers, or you are also welcome to bring this along.

What time does the nature reserve gates close and open?And arrival and departure times?

The Parks gate operate on the following times:

September to March 7am to 18:30pm

April to August 7am to 17:30pm

Arrival for the Eden,  Larus, Serenity and Eve Houseboats is anytime from 2pm and departure 10am

Arrival for the Nirvana Houseboat is anytime from 3pm and departure 11am

Can you cater for us.

We are Self Catering, and unfortunately with the vessels being regulated by SAMSA with regards to the Max allowed on each vessel, Catering can only be done by guests booked to stay on the vessel, additional people will not be allowed to board the vessel at any time, or should be included as counting towards the max allowed of each vessel.

Can we bring our furry children?

As much as this saddens us we cant allow animals on the boats. Unfortunately we are in a National Nature Reserve and have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the park.

WiFi available for my daily social networking?

We are among the few who don't have that infrastructure. Sorry to say its going to be you and the tranquility of nature all by yourself. You would still have cell reception, or signal for mobile data on the vessels. (Please note that Load-shedding can affect this)

How do we get on and off the boat?

We have staff that is available 24/7 that resides on shore close-by. They will ferry you to and from your boat in a leisure boat as required. When you first arrive on your boat they will do a small introduction regarding safety and the equipment on the boat where after you will be supplied with their mobile number.

Is the park entrance fee included in our booking?

Your booking excludes the entrance fee and have to be settled @ the gate during SanParks normal operating times.  - in flower season R110 p/p p/d  - outside flower season R74 p/p p/d, under 12 years of age half price

It has to be noted that this conservation fee is very imported to ensure that our pristine lagoon and all of its animals, fauna & flora is well looked after by Sanparks.

You would also have access, not only to the Houseboats for your booking, but also the entire Park to explore.

Please do try and have cash ready for the Gate, being in a remote area,  Card Machines do tend to be offline every now and then.

Should we bring plates,forks etc.

Units are self-catering and have all your basic utensils from forks, plates, cup, bowls, pans, pots and so-forth incl outside braai, fridge, gas stove and microwave.

Is there hot water for showering?

All taps from the kitchen sink to the shower are supplied with hot water from a gas geyser. If for some reason there is no hot water please contact the skipper onshore.

Is there electricity on the boats?

We use 5kva 220v solar systems. This should be enough for all your daily needs from charging phones to laptops. Please keep in mind, it is solar and the more we use the less we have. Strictly no other appliances e.g. hairdryers, straighteners, toaster and electric coffee machines etc.

Miss-use of the solar power will result in additional charges. 

Please contact us for any more info.

What forms of payment do you except?

We accept, EFT, debit and credit cards. Unfortunately no cheques will be accepted.

Please note that additional charges will also apply for ATM Deposits.

Can we have day visitors on the boats?

Unfortunately no Day visitor are allowed on the vessel. the max capacity does have to be followed at all times for each vessel,

Can we book only one night?

Yes you can. We allow one night stays during the week, (Sundays to Thursdays) or if your booking is less that 5days away, you are more than welcome to book a one night stay on Weekends.

Where will we find you in the nature reserve?

Once you are @ the west coast national park gates either from the R27 or from Langebaan's side. You would need to head to Kraalbaai, 21.3 km from the R27 gate and 31.6 km from the Langebaan gate. Feel free to use the map you received from the gate. You will spot us long before you are at Kraalbaai on your right-hand side. There you will find the house boats. You must inform us of your arrival, so we can have our skippers meet you at the parking (contact +2776 017 4788) when you are in Kraalbaai. They will assist with your luggage and transporting you to your boat. They will do a small introduction of your boat ins and outs regarding safety, Electricity and warm water. After which he will supply you with is cell number for any assistance and getting on and off the boat.

What should we bring with?

Apart from clothes, food and toiletries we suggest to bring wine,cooler box, your camera, bathing suit, angling equipment, hat, sun block, walking shoes, binoculars, bird and mammal reference books and any activities you can enjoy on the water. Please also note we do deliveries from your favorite Langebaan takeaway or beverage store ( delivery fee will apply) We have rentals for your enjoyment like kayaks, SUP boards, Fishing rods and bicycles. Please don't bring stress and worries. no one likes those brothers. .

What Activities are there for us?

Sunbathing, Swimming , Beach, Hiking, Mountain biking, Bird watching, Eating, Drinking, Kayaks, Sup boards, Braaing, Site seeing, boat trips, fishing and most importantly relaxing!

Are we allowed to fish?

Just make sure to pick up your permit at any local South African post office. Locals say red bait and fishing at night is the way to go. for bigger catches we suggest life bait.

Can we arrive in our own boat?

The lagoon requires a permit which can be purchased from SanParks Offices. Just make sure your skippers, buoyancy and fitness certificate travels with. You can launch at the yacht club and club Mykonos for a launching fee or for free in Alabama street in Langebaan central.

When do we have to pay the balance for our stay?

We suggest one week before arrival if no arrangements where made to pay on arrival, this is to ensure a smooth boarding process.

What is your Cancellation policy

* 7 days or less before arrival = 100% (of booking total)
* 8 - 14 days before arrival = 100% (of deposit)
* 15 - 21 days before arrival = 50% (of deposit)
* 22 - 30 days before arrival = 25% (of deposit)
* 10% Cancellation fee 31 days and above (of deposit)

We do not allow for any full refunds due to Covid, Blackouts, travel restrictions or weather conditions, and encourage all clients to take out travel insurance to mitigate this risk on their own behalf, 

Please note that a request to move a booking within 30days or less of arrival, would also fall under our normal cancellation policy

Is there parking?

At Kraalbaai you will find two levels of parking. The lower and upper level can be seen from the House Boats. Please note it is not covered parking.

What are the directions to the house boat? – we are travelling from Cape Town

2. From Cape Town: Get on the R27 and follow for 85km, then turn left into the Sanparks gate about 10km after the Yzerfontein turn off. Follow road for 22km and turn right into Kraalbaai.

Can we drive the House Boat.

The house boats is permanently anchored and does not sail or drive around. The experience we offer is a floating home which gives you the feeling of staying on your own private island.

You would thus also not need a skippers License to stay on board our units

What happens if we dont enter or exit the parks within SANParks gate times?

You will still be able to enter or exit for a R500 escort fee. The park requires us to escort you from the gate as there is no road signs or lights.